CCLEX launches Istorya Ta Bai! road safety program

The Cebu Cordova Link Expressway Corporation (CCLEC) kicked off its road safety program meant to educate motorists and stakeholders on navigating the 8.9-kilometer Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) securely and safely.

The advocacy program dubbed Istorya Ta Bai! encourages safe driving habits and equips motorists on key safety features of CCLEX as well as services that they can tap into when needed.

“Through this program, we are taking proactive steps toward creating a positive culture of safety among our road users with the hope that they will take it with them even when they are outside of our expressway,” said CCLEC President and General Manager Allan G. Alfon.

“We will continue to collaborate and partner with different stakeholders to promote road safety awareness and create a sense of shared responsibility among our road users,” he added.

Attended by almost 1,000 motorcycle drivers, Istorya Ta Bai! was launched on April 16, 2023 during the 5th anniversary of Click Squad Cebu Inc. (CSCI), a motorcycle club and community of Honda Click owners, in Cordova Reef Village.

“We thank CCLEC for engaging with us in the launch of its road safety program, which we support fully especially since CCLEX is the only expressway in the country that allows motorcycles below 400cc,” said CSCI president Christopher Vinculado.

CCLEC Traffic Operations Specialist Juztine Delos Santos reminded small motorcycle owners or those with 110cc to 399cc to always use the designated motorcycle lane marked in blue when passing the CCLEX.

As protection from untoward incidents, Delos Santos asked that they always wear proper riding gear such as standard protective helmets. He added that only one backrider is allowed.

Delos Santos reiterated that CCLEX is a traffic discipline zone and its deputized patrol crews, which are fielded 24/7, can flag erring drivers inside the expressway.

Before hitting the road, Delos Santos also asked motorcycle owners to always check their vehicles (tires, controls, lights, oils, chassis, stands).

If vehicles break down, Delos Santos said CCLEX has emergency parking areas and emergency services such as towing that motorists can avail themselves of.

Aside from the road safety dialogue, CCLEC also conducted CCLEX RFID registration, installation, and reloading during the event.

CCLEX, which connects mainland Cebu through Cebu City’s South Road Properties to the Mactan Island through the Municipality of Cordova, is the first toll road project outside Luzon of Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), the toll road arm of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), a publicly listed infrastructure holding company and member of the MVP Group of Companies.

MPTC is the largest toll road concessionaire and operator in the Philippines, which expansion goals include establishing toll operations in the Visayas, other parts of the Philippines, and in neighboring countries notably Vietnam, and Indonesia.

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