Overall EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) Progress


As of December 2020, the overall engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) progress of CCLEX is at 66.91 percent while construction is at 57.57 percent.

Our team has also installed eight stay cables for Towers 1 and 2. The stay cables will hold the bridge deck. Varying in length between 60 meters to 210 meters, there will be 14 stay cables on each side of the bridge’s two towers, all anchored on the pylon and the deck. Each cable will contain 68-120 stay cable strands inside, and sheathed in high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

For the pylons of the main bridge, we already concreted the 29th or the last lift of Tower 2, and the 28th out of 29 lifts for Tower 1. Each lift is five meters high.

We have also started the installation of the cross on top of the pylons. The cross, one of the iconic features of CCLEX, will be 40 meters tall and lighted on all four sides at night. It symbolizes Cebu’s significant role as cradle of Christianity.

The concreting of the portal frame that crosses above the CSCR viaduct has been completed.

Also ongoing is the NU girder installation at the CSCR off ramp section of the project using the launching gantry.

Also underway is the construction of the remaining columns and headstocks for the CSCR off ramp and the causeway.

Particularly at the causeway, embankment works have already reached the side of Cordova. Backfilling and placement of armor rocks are ongoing as well as laying of the vent pipes.

There will be 20 units of vent pipes that will be scattered along the causeway’s stretch to equalize the flow of seawater in the Cordova Channel.

Piling works have also been finished for the four small bridges at the causeway that will serve as access of the fishermen to their fishing ground.

Set to be substantially completed in late 2021, CCLEX will have two lanes in each direction that will provide a safe, quick and scenic passage to an estimated 50,000 vehicles daily, easing the traffic in the existing Marcelo Fernan Bridge and the Mandaue-Mactan Bridge.

CCLEX has a design speed of 80 kilometers per hour (kph) and a navigational clearance or height of 51 meters so as to allow large vessels to pass underneath the bridge.

Not only is CCLEX seen to reduce traffic and make traveling more convenient but also spur trade activities and open greater economic opportunities for Cebu and the rest of the Visayas region.

CCLEC is a subsidiary company of Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), the toll road arm of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), a publicly listed infrastructure holding company and a member of the MVP Group of Companies.

MPTC is the largest toll road concessionaire and operator in the Philippines, which expansion goals include establishing toll operations in the Visayas, other parts of the Philippines, and in neighboring countries notably Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.